Loving My BlackBerry Smartphone!

I cannot say how much I am loving and enjoying this super-cool really awesome smartphone of mine. Well its not the phone of my choice but I really love it I just hate the fact that its sensitive I really wanted a 9320.


Lefoko La Modimo Ke Boammaaruri! They say the truth will set you free,so what do you think will it unchain you?

Lefoko La Modimo Ke Boammaaruri! They say the truth will set you free,so what do you think will it unchain you?

The first thing that comes to my mind after being betrayed,lied,stole from,cheated on.
Why is the world so fucked up,why is the world so corrupt,what has the world gone to? Can you trust your pet not to kill you? Can you
trust your girlfriend not to betray you?

Thank You

“she had pure golden eyes with a touch of smooth dilated pupils”

“She smiled at me with the teeth of a superstar,the face of an angel(But She Was No Angel,though)

Guide to customizing your BlackBerry 6 home screen

Love the icons on my BlackBerry Curve 3G. Better come up with a new upgrade!

Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

Customizing BlackBerry 6

When BlackBerry® 6 was released, some pretty cool customization features were added to the home screen. Today I’ll be going over some of these new features, so grab your BlackBerry 6-enabled device and try out some of these tips right now. All that’s required is a BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry 6 OS software!

(To find out if BlackBerry 6 is available for your particular BlackBerry smartphone model, check out the following post which provides information on how to perform a web-based BlackBerry software update. Provided your wireless provider supports it, you may be able to upgrade to BlackBerry 6.)

Let’s get started!

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Will Facetime be Apple’s BBM?

Ron Feldman's Blog

RIM has only recently noticed and begun promoting one of their features that has been maintaining and growing their user base – BBM or Blackberry Messenger. You can see some of their recent ads touting BBM here.

For those that don’t know, BBM is a built-in application that comes with every blackberry and lets you send messages to any other blackberry user who you add to your BBM list. This combines the functionality of SMS/text messaging with IM(instant messaging). Some other cool features are that you can add people to groups and send messages back/forth to each other. I will say that the one drawback to BBM is that adding friends is a bit complicated/cumbersome/clunky as you may need to know another blackberry user’s “PIN” which they have to figure out from their phone’s operating system. Additionally, sometimes the add a friend process seems to just hang…

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A taste of the summer


Frances here … last week Mandy Haggith and I met in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to begin to plan her July residency there.  It was a lovely sunny day, warming by the minute!  The following day I asked if Mandy might share her impressions with us, and she has.


I love trees! They’re bigger than me, and they don’t walk off when you get boring – they’re the perfect companions for a poet. For the whole     of July this year, I have the you-can’t-imagine-how-delightful prospect of spending an entire month hanging out with some of Scotland’s most interesting specimens. I’ll be the poet in residence at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Jobs don’t get any better than that, in my view, and on the May Bank Holiday Monday I had a little fore-taste of what I can look forward to.

As well as the woody perennials…

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